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Download Ensata DS Emulator

Download Ensata version 1.3c 1.25 MB

IF the main download link doesn't work use this backup server ensata.zip Ensata.1.4d.rar
(Note: on the backup webserver you have to " Wait 15 seconds to get download link. ")

After downloading right click on the ensata.zip and from the menu select Extract. In the extracted forlder navigate to Ensata 1.3c\Release and double click on the ensata.exe.
For more assistance go to HELP PAGE

Load a .NDS roms on Ensata Emulator

To load .NDS roms you need to select EXECUTE -> Open NITRO files -> (for files of type slect *.*) -> brows to where you have your DS roms stored and click on .NDS or .BIN file you want to play. When files is selected click EXEUTE -> Run

click here for Ensata Manual

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Quick Refferance - iDeasS Emulator Key Setup

Keys Nintendo DS On PC
D-Up Up arrow
D-Down Down arrow
D-Left Left arrow
D-Right Right arrow
  B Z
  A X
  Start Enter
  Select Shift
  L A
  R S
  X Q
  Y W
Stylus Touchscreen Use the mouse to move and the left button to "touch" the screen.

Page comments : Download nintendo DS emulator emulator Ensata. Version 1.3 c. Free nintendo ds emulators for playing NDS roms that you download from net.
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