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Best Nintendo DS Emulator for Android - DraStic

DraStic DS Emulator seems a bit costly at $7.99 especially just for a DS emulator.  Moreover, DraStic calls for your own roms that are legally obtained plus also Nintendo DS BIOS file that is legitimately obtained as well.  You may find them wherever but keep in mind that downloading backup copies of games that you do not own a cartridge for is strictly prohibited and is illegal.

After getting my BIOS file, I them loaded up the emulator with my Pokemon copy.  In other emus like NDS4droid and DSoid, the 2D sections like the Pokemon battles or the intro with Rowan, ran smoothly at 50-60 fps on my Nexus 4 and One X.  However upon hitting the 3D portions of the game, like when the characters move around, it would drop down to 10-15 fps whatever the settings are. 

I was skeptic and curious about whether the same would happen with DraStic but to my astonishment, it ran almost flawlessly!  It enabled me to play at a speed which was quite comparable to the speed of an actual DS.  I saw some visual glitches such as the appearance of black lines in the overworld but the glitches did not really affect or ruin my playing experience at all.

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DraStic DS Emulator APK Features

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DraStic will also allow you to save space when zipping up your roms since it can read DS roms in .nds and .zip forms.  There are many different settings which include the option of disabling sound and a button for doubling fast forward.  Various screen layouts for the top and touch screens are included in the in-game menu, as well as a button for enabling and disabling touch screen input.  You will find that the screen layouts can be configured fully, so moving them around to your heart’s content is possible.

The only problem I experienced was that it didn’t allow me to slide my finger over the D-pad for changing directions.  Instead I had to life my finger and had to position it on the direction I wanted my character to move in.  Well, having to use the D-pad with A/B/X and Y buttons works alright though.

Edit:  For the D-pad issue, I found out that it appears only if the option for displaying the screens is used in a portrait orientation.  If you use the side by side landscape orientation, then you can expect the D-pad to work just fine.

Another picky issue for me is that the app somehow forces the system to stay in landscape mode.  So even when you flip the buttons and screens to be in portrait orientation, you can tell that the system stays in landscape based on my touch buttons.  Although this is not really a big deal to me, I think other people may consider it an inconvenience.

DraStic and Google Drive have integrated for in-game save files or .dsv files therefore you can resume or continue your game on any device.  I haven’t tried it yet but to those who already have, then I would appreciate if you tell me how it goes.

For the most part, I think this a jackpot hit for Android DS emulators.  So to those who are feeling brave, you are free to test other games and post your results here so I can create a cumulative game compatibility list.  The game tests I ran were mostly on my Nexus 4 and one test was on my HTC One X. 

DraStic DS Emulator full apk download

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Nintendo DS Pokemon emulator is a program that allows one computer platform (example PC with Windows XP or Win98 and Mac with Mac OS X) to play games (DS roms) made for another computer. In order to play NDS games for Free You will need an Android phone or a  PC and an NDS emulator like Ensata, iDeaS, DualiS or DSemu and nds roms.

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