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ENSATA - Nintendo DS Emulator

The ensata Nintendo DS (code name NITRO) Software Emulator was developed by Nintendo IntelSys as a Debug Target for development of NITRO applications.

The following is a summary of ensata features:
Accurate rendering similar to the Nintendo DS system
Functionality as a debug target for CodeWarrior for NITRO *1
Functionality as a viewer for NITRO-Character *2
A debug print output console

Whats Emulated:

3D Graphics
Geometry engine processes are implemented with a process time of zero.
Coordinate values during calculation overflow differ greatly from the production unit.
Counter values for Polygon List RAM/Vertex RAM overflow do not update (updates will occur on the production unit)

Specifications for polygon auto sort on the Nintendo DS system is not implemented
ensata ds
Software Rendering
All features implemented. (However, differences in the image may exist.)
For more details Compatibility with NITRO

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Minimum PC System Requirements for Ensata Nintendo DS emulator.

  • Supported PC:
    Intel Pentium Processor
    At least 256 MB of RAM
    Video Board that supports DirectX9 (when using the D3D Rendering Feature)

  • Supported OS: Windows XP/2000 (Service Pack 4 + IE6)

  • Required Runtime:
    DirectX8 or higher (when using only DirectInput or DirectSound)
    DirectX9 or higher (when using Direct3D in addition to the above)

  • Required Devices: Mouse, DirectInput-compatible Game Pad
    Note: The keyboard can be used in place of the game pad if there is no game pad available.

Caution: Processing load is heavy. We recommend that a high-performance PC be used.

DS ensata NITRO Emulator Web Links


Nintendo Software Development Support Group Home Page

Ensata Emulator Users manual and Help files

Latest news: DommDS developers use Enasta!
In these days we worked on a micro engine's development for NintendoDS collaborating with DoomDS project. The code name for the engine is "Moto Ds Engine". I's very difficult to work on Nintendo Ds do to the lack of documentation. I work with devkitPro and the Ensata emulator. If you want to support the DoomDs project and our research you can make an offer using the link on the left. Thanks to everyone who support the project and a big thank to Simone Pellegrini.

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