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Nintendo DS emulators (even DeSmuME) are far from being perfect, but there is a number of commercial Nintendo DS games that can be fully or partially emulated with DeSmuME. On this page we have posted an extract from the compatibility list, but Don't expect the compatible nds roms to run at full speed.

nds romsWe don't provide commercial DS rom downloads. If you are looking for romz to play with nds emulator go to Nintendo-DS-Roms.com where you will find full romsets and separate game files. (You have to have eMule for their download links to work).

1. Open an .NDS file by pressing File -> Open -> Selecting the file
2. Click on Emulation -> Run
3. Play your Nintendo DS ROM!

0. As an alternative you can simpley Drag-and-Drop the .NDS rom file onto the emulator - DeSmuME.exe - and it will start playing the rom on PC.

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DeSmuME NDS roms


DeSmuME NDS Game compatibility

0004 - Feel the Magic - XY-XX (U) - Fully playable and a few gfx errors and slow a little bit. 0015 - Catch! Touch! Yoshi! (J) - Nintendo logo but thats it . 0016 - Meteos (J) - Fully playable but invisible on the bottom. 0017 - Ridge Racer DS (U) - Nice intro and menu. After you register for your name, the message said "error unable to create". 0018 - WarioWare - Touched! (E) - after it asked you which hands ? Right or Left? Click Yes or No then click OK but freezed. 0021 - Project Rub (E) - Fully playable. 0022 - Super Mario 64 DS (E) - playable if you figure out where to use touchscreen on the botton of the screen with badly scramble. 0023 - Star Wars Episode III - Revenge Of The Sith (E) - Fully playable. 0025 - Super Mario 64 DS (J) - playable 0026 - Pokemon Dash (U) - Nice intro but on the bottom is the black screen. 0028 - Kirby's Canvas Curse (U) - Fully playable!! There's a few gfx missing, such as the rainbow lines, but otherwise it works!!

NDS ROMS compatible with DeSmuME emulator

Demo - Ping Pals Wireless Multiboot Demo (U) - wireless is require to play
Demo - Pokemon Torouze (J) - Fully playable but cannot seem to control anything
Demo - WarioWare - Touched! (E) - Fully playable
Demo - Zelda - Twilight Princess Preview Trailer (U) - Intro is fine but can't view on the top of the black screen
Demo - Zelda Preview Trailer E3 Download Demo (U) - black screen
Demo - Feel the Magic (Kiosk) (U) - Fully playable
Demo - Advance Wars - Dual Strike Wireless Multiboot Demo (U) - Fully playable but in the menu to select is invisible.
Demo - Famicom Wars DS Wireless Multiboot Demo (J) - Fully playable but in the menu to select is invisible.
Demo - Guru Guru Nagetto Download Demo (J) - playable but black screen on the top of the screen and on the bottom is fine
Demo - Jump Super Stars Download Demo (J) - Fully playable
Demo - Meteos Download Demo (J) - playable but invisible on the bottom of the screen
Demo - Metroid Prime Hunters - First Hunt (E) - black screen
Demo - kirby Canvas Course (kiosk) - Fully playable but raindow line is missing
Demo - MARIO AND LUIGI PARTNERS IN TIME (Kiosk) (E) - Fully playable but a few gfx errors
Demo - Mario Kart DS (Kiosk) (U) - black screen
Demo - Nintendogs (Kiosk) (E) - black screen
Demo - Nintendogs (Kiosk) - black screen
Demo - Nintendogs Relay Download (Kiosk) (J) - black screen
Demo - PAC-PIX (Kiosk) (U) - black screen
Demo - Project Rub (Kiosk) (E) - Fully playable
Demo - Super Mario 64 DS (Kiosk) (U) - Fully playable
but you have to figure out where to touch and you are able to go to mini games without a graphic errors!
Demo - WarioWare Touched (Kiosk) (U) - Fully playable
Demo - Yoshi Touch and Go (Kiosk) (E) - Showing Yoshi with baby mario sits on Yoshi's back.

More Compatible commercial NDS ROMs at DeSmuME.com - Compatibility

Our favirite nds romsgames are Advance Wars: Dual Strike rom. Nintendogs: Dachshund and Friends. Nintendo Dogs: Chihuahua and Friends Nintendodogs: Labrador and Friends. Download Kirby: Canvas Curse Meteos Super Mario 64 DS Bomberman Zoo Keeper Feel the Magic: XY/XX
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